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About becoming an Adult Toy Consultant?

Question by Miss Lou Lou: About becoming an Adult Toy Consultant?
I just lost my part time job and there is literally nothing here in the small town that I live. I was looking for a way to make money. I am a college student in a curriculum that is intensive. Is becoming an adult toy consultant a good idea for a college student?

I’ve been looking at a few of the websites and I think I like the Athena’s, but I’m not sure. What is the best, and preferably the cheapest, company to go with?
That is exactly what I ment! I want to sell boats… thanks for being a smart a$ $ , or either a little slow.

Best answer:

Answer by tro
adult toys? you mean boats, ski boats, atv’s off roaders etc?

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  2. For any of the companies there are several bits of info you want to check out:

    1. Check with better business bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against them by unpaid agents.

    2. Ask for references: get names/contact info from existing sales reps and find out from them how profitable/difficult, etc., working for this company is.

    3. Remember to keep records of your business expenses and to keep your business money separate from your normal checking account — this will save your ass should you ever get flagged for a tax audit.

    4. Do you need a selling license in your state or does the wholesale distributor’s license cover you under their umbrella.

    5. Do you need to pay retail sales taxes to the state you are living in?

    6. Are you an employee of the wholesaler or are you an independent representative? This is very important since as an independent rep you may need to get a business license and it will effect what taxes you have to pay.

    I personally was an independent distributor for a company and fortunately I got the license and kept my funds separate — I got flagged by the IRS for an audit and believe me the extra time it took for record keeping saved me from being fined or having additional taxes assessed.

    Also, do your parents deduct you as a dependent on their taxes? If they do, there may be a limit on how much you can earn in order for them to continue doing so.

    Do your research before you join any business or become and employee, it will save you a lot of heartache (and sometimes a lot of money in fines) if you do so.

  3. Sounds like a crap idea. Get your feet back on the ground.

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