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Adult sex toys wholesaler?

Question by Mark: Adult sex toys wholesaler?
I am looking at buying adult sex toys etc from wholesale, and wondered if anyone has a good reputable wholesaler website I can buy from?

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Answer by DragonMech09
toys r us, go in there and ask for a dildo.

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  1. try ali baba they are a b to b website. i’ve bought stuff from them in london. just watch the postage and import duties if importing.

  2. Try:


    You will find all the verified sex toys wholesalers you need there.

  3. you should check out Spicy Girl Novelties. Ask for Tom, they have great products at the best prices.

  4. You can call Greg over at They have drop shipping and direct wholesale pricing. I have used them for over 4 years now and never had a problem getting my orders shipped out the same day. They have adult sex toys and adult videos as well.

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