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Adult Toys ???????

Question by Courtney W: Adult Toys ???????
hiya i am wanting to set up a new business selling Adult toys and Sexy Outfits – a bit like an ann summers !
i live in the north east of england – northumberland
do you think that i would get a grant to open a shop selling adult toys etc.??
i no that business link give grants out but would they give me grants if its that type of business ??
i am 20 years old and would really like to set this business up and have my own shop!!
do you think i would make money on this type of thing ???
would be cheaper than ann summers !!!!
any opinions would be great thanxs xx

Best answer:

Answer by Goyo
I don’t if you could get a grant to start the business, that’s something you’d have to research in your area.
But I do know this: You’ll make money if the business opens. I have never seen an Adult or XXX store that didn’t.

Good Luck!!! If I’m ever in Northumberland, I’ll look you up.

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  1. if you can prove you know about sex toys yes you migh have to demonstrate how they work can you do that and have you used them.and there is a fortune in sex toys i just bought one and if you do let me know i would buy from you

  2. lissetterodriguez1104

    You may want to visit this website and contact them maybe they can guide you better, Good luck!

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