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Question by holly r: im scared…(EXTREME ADULT CONTENT WARNING)?
i desperatly masterbated with a brush hand;e i washed with antibacterial soap…and i found out i get absolutly NO stimulatiion from penetration…is that normal? (im a lesbian and i dont deal with penetration too oftern. im also quite young and i am a virgin) but i was being pretty rough and i dont know if i could have hurt myself. it kind of stings…but not too much, im just worried. i know that was an extremely stupid thing to do but my teenage hormones kicked in and my ggf wasnt around to help with that… sorry for asking such a personal question on here…i can definatly not ask any adullts i know. peace..


i thought i was a virgin. i didnt feel anything rip. im still pretty tight. nothing bled. nothing hurt really badly…could my hymen have stayes intact? i am pretty sure i still have it because im tight. i think if its there its pretty thing and similar to cartilage…i dont know. the brush handle wasnt hard, it was one of those suave ones with the gell-filled plastic handles…
now my stomach hurts like period cramps!

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Answer by Pirate_Pixie
i hope you realise that just because your vagina is tight that you still have your hymen.
being tight is your vaginal walls and has absolutely nothing to do with your hymen.

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  1. lmao

  2. 1. Most women don’t get off on internal stimulation alone. All the fun nerve endings are on the outside. So, that’s normal. Your being a lesbian has no effect on any of this.

    2. If you were rough on yourself you’ll be sore for a little while, but since you disinfected everything beforehand I don’t think there’s anything for you to be too worried about.

    3. Don’t know about your hymen but it’s probably okay if you didn’t feel anything rip or something.

    4. Your stomach hurts because you’re freaking yourself out. Calm down and it will go away.

    A cool bath might help with the soreness a little. If it doesn’t go away after a few days you should go see a doctor.

  3. I think it’s fair to say most women are aroused by clitoral stimulation, you can have an orgasm without penetration at all.
    You may have tiny abrasions in your vagina but that should clear up in a day or so. I doubt you have a hymen any more. Don’t worry.

  4. LMAO YOUR PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, um, well, The reason you’re not getting any stimulationn from penetration is because a brush handle is completely different from a penis. A brush handle is not made to masturbatee with. Thats why they make sex toys. And even then, using sex toys is ALOT different than actual penetration from a male penis. Also the fact that your a virgin means you’re not used to penetration. It’s not something that you’re used to, and therefore it will feel uncomfortable the first few times. Its something you get used to eventually, and it will start to feel good. If you’ve penetrated yourself, you no longer have a hymen. And what most girls dont know is that you can actually break your hymen without even realizing it. Through activities such as gymnastics or riding a bike or any other physical sport. So technically if you havent had sex with anyone, you’re still a virgin. The brush handle might have irritated you, but I dont think it’s anything to be worried about, but I dont recommend doing that again. Get a toy. Your stomach hurts like period cramps probably just means you’re about to get your period. Hope this helps!

  6. well i think that most points in your question have been covered with this one exception.
    just because you don’t have a hymen doesn’t mean that you aren’t a virgin. having sex of ANY KIND including oral with your gf does however mean that you are NOT a virgin. many girls loose their hymen way before they have sex. you can lose it riding bikes or exercising or playing with yourself…. any number of things. it’s completely normal and common for you not to have it anymore.

  7. stop sticking foreign objects inside of yourself.
    stop being cheap and buy a vibrator.

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